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  • Lily de Blogbang se croit tout permit.

    Alors la Lily tu déconnes.

    Déjà que tu paie une pub façon film du dimanche soir sur M6 mais en plus que tu t’étale aussi impunément sur mon blog sans m’en voir informé. La je suis désole mais je dis non. alors Lily, toi et tes gros budget, je te dis. Bon vent!


    C’est ainsi que mon blog redevint sans pub. C’est chez moi quand même.

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    80 commentaires

    1. Emily

      AFJ. Thank you Celine – I know smearing glue on the covers would work! Seriously though, this was a book I pacilrularty enjoyed writing, so it’s good to know some of that enthusiasm is rubbing off on readers. You have absolutely made my day, Celine.

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:00
    2. Libby

      Yo, that’s what’s up trluyfutlh.

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:05
    3. Tilly

      TYVM you’ve solved all my prebolms

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:09
    4. Mira

      Infotmarion is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:10
    5. Minnie

      I told my kids we’d play after I found what I neeedd. Damnit.

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:19
    6. Destiny

      What a neat arieclt. I had no inkling.

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:22
    7. Bert

      Call me wind because I am abeltuosly blown away.

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:24
    8. Ollie

      Your post captures the issue pecyertlf!

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:28
    9. Leatrice

      Superbly illuninatimg data here, thanks!

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:41
    10. Nelia

      At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prmeblo!

      28/Dec/2016 à 17:58
    11. Peggy

      A plgnisaely rational answer. Good to hear from you.

      28/Dec/2016 à 18:11
    12. Gertie

      Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become ignatonr.

      28/Dec/2016 à 18:15
    13. Keli

      Your answer was just what I neddee. It’s made my day!

      28/Dec/2016 à 18:25
    14. Augustina

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      28/Dec/2016 à 18:28
    15. Idalia

      I think it was Wintermute who first made the observation (as far as I know) that the Jews ALWAYS fumble the ball before they can get it past the goal line. The trick is to put the Jedi mind fuck on them. Which is what I try to do. Apologies for endangering your blogs, geenelmnt.And congrats on your awaken, Chechar.

      28/Dec/2016 à 18:33
    16. Patsy

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      28/Dec/2016 à 18:39
    17. Trish

      “Hint: Romney has never bowed to another country’s le.reda”I hope I’m wrong, but I think that’s on the agenda: bow and receive bling necklace from Saudi king.BTW, I have already voted for the draft-dodging, chicken-hawk, dog torturing, flip-flopping, capitalist, Mormon RINO over the dog eating, chicken-hawk, college record hiding, Islamist Marxist. Sad state of affairs, really.

      28/Dec/2016 à 18:41
    18. Dora

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    19. Karson

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    20. Paulina

      Coronel,Seus textos são simples e profundos, mas algumas pessoas são limitadas demais para entrsdê-lon.Paeabéns pelo trabalho. Acho até que você deveria colocar umas propagandas no seu blog para lhe garantir uma justa remuneração pelos relevantes trabalhos prestados ao Brasil!

      28/Dec/2016 à 19:02
    21. Tori

      BethJanuary 15th 2013 – 7:47pmCan’t wait to try these! We will be buying them but would love to win a &#8y&0;pla22#8221; set of them! Thanks again for all the great time you spent with us at CHA!

      28/Dec/2016 à 19:03
    22. Jodi

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    23. Cash

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    24. Gert

      Justin, this is awesome. I have had no clue what sort of story or living of this Radical Act you’d be starting from here – and this rocks. I have struggled with this idea of challenging pharisees, because I was approaching it from the standpoint of challenging other people…but what you are doing and sharing is casting the beam out of your own eye – and this will certainly enable cleaning the mote out of another’s, when / if that opportunity arises. I really appreciate this broader view of that teaching!Looking forward to living this with yo|&snbsp;&nb&p;u!nbsp; 

      28/Dec/2016 à 19:17
    25. Bobbi

      That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cobnnitutirg.

      28/Dec/2016 à 19:18
    26. Rock

      Posts like this make the innetret such a treasure trove

      28/Dec/2016 à 21:48
    27. Anisha

      Aricltes like this make life so much simpler.

      28/Dec/2016 à 21:51
    28. Artie

      It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exipstere answers. Thanks!

      28/Dec/2016 à 22:07
    29. Kory

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      I love how they use a picture of a black baby. Surely the black baby can't be racist! After all, black babies don't have power in our society.

      30/Dec/2016 à 04:21
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      Oh so sweet! My heart is smiling too.Isn’t it precious to have sons that love the Lord? I have enjoyed raising my own boy…and am excited for him as he enters this next phase of his life.Time sure flies, huh?

      30/Dec/2016 à 05:55
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      Hallelujah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

      30/Dec/2016 à 06:47
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      Dale – great post, I remember that one. Very frustrating talking to people like that. One thing I realized very early on – EVERYONE is excited about entrepreneurship, EVERYONE wants to start a company, EVERYONE will talk about starting a company. Very few people have the follow through to do it.

      30/Dec/2016 à 19:51

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      this before but I'll say it again: you do make me smile! I'm sure you're an awesome sister (we could tie for #1). :-) You are right that we can only do what we can with the tools we have at the time. It must have been very difficult for your family to lose your aunt to suicide. My mom tried suicide a few times, too, which maybe is why it surprised me to learn that Rob did and I didn't know about it. Anyway, I truly appreciate your support and your sharing your own stories. You're such a delight and I'm grateful to have you as a friend.

      07/Mar/2017 à 12:53

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      wish i had something pithy to say… but the truth of the matter is this; I am just really thankful you’re alive and willing to share your pain and my heart grieves for those who don’t ever get the chance to start again and even more for those they leave behind. We all have a story, a horror or abuse by our own hand or the hands of others… but when we survive and share and empathize with everyone else it is then that somehow we become truly human. Humane. Massive, deeply heartfelt applause and a sister like hug for you :)

      20/Apr/2017 à 19:59
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